Site Overview

Site address: Rochelle Road

City (where site is located): McKenzie

County (where site is located): Caroll

Site ownership: Public

Site acreage: 52.71 acres

Developable acreage: 52.71 acres

Additional acreage available: 21 acres

For sale or lease: Sale

Sale/lease price: $15,000/acre

Zoning: None

Site covenants: Yes

Impact fees: None

Foreign trade zone: In Progress

Distance to four-lane highway: 0.3 miles

Rail service: Not available

Utility Service

Electric line serving site: 13 kV

Electric service to substation: 69 kV

Dual feed service: Available

Natural gas service: 4-inch line/325 psi

Water line serving site: 10-inch

Water system capacity: 3 MGD

Excess water system capacity: 1.3 MGD

Wastewater line: 8 inch

Wastewater system capacity: 2 MGD

Excess wastewater capacity: 1.4 MGD

Technical Studies and Reports

Two-foot topographic survey: Available

Geotechnical survey: Available

Site grading plan/design: Not available

Flood hazard: Outside flood plain

Phase 1 ESA: Available (March 2016)

Endangered species desktop review: Available

Hydrologic determination: Available

Cultural resource desktop review: Available