McKenzie offers a great number of options for sports and other outdoor recreation. Our beautiful local parks host festivals year-round, and are great places to play outdoors. Sporting events at Bethel University are open to the community, so locals can enjoy NAIA athletics.

City Parks

City Park

McKenzie's primary recreational park is located at 570 Como Street. City Park features a new walking trail, baseball, softball and soccer fields, playground, a piered fishing hole (home to a family of ducks), and "the Barn": a pavilion which is the site of many birthday parties, family gatherings and social events.

Mulberry Park

Located on Mulberry Street near the VynAll plant (the old "Pajama Factory"), the city's Public Works facilities (the old National Guard Armory) and historic Webb School, Mulberry Park has an illustrious history as well. Many middle-aged citizens and baby boomers recall games played on the fields that were the city's main sports region prior to the founding of City Park. Mulberry Park sports two lighted ball fields, a playground, an outdoor basketball court, and a walking trail.

Downtown Veterans Memorial Park

Named for the memorials that pay tribute to soldiers of Carroll County, the park, located in the central square downtown, is a place of beauty, with towering trees and peaceful park benches situated beneath old-style lamp posts amid flowers and greenery.

Hillcrest Park

A little beauty goes a long way during busy days. Hillcrest Park, formerly Triangle Park, may be small but it is a welcome sight to drivers, pedestrians and residents of Main Street. Located at North Main Street and Triangle Circle, the triangular plot of ground named Hillcrest Park was given by Mrs. H.V. Grenade, and named by Mrs. Ada Collier.



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