Delta Regional Authority Invests $2.8 Million to Strengthen Tennessee’s Economy, Infrastructure

October 17, 2018

NASHVILLE, TN. – The Delta Regional Authority (DRA) today announced that it will invest nearly $2.8 million to make infrastructure improvements that will attract new industry and support expansion of existing businesses, enabling the creation and retention of about 3,400 jobs. DRA’s investments, along with other public and private partners, will bring a total of $444.1 million in new investments to Tennessee.

“DRA investments in infrastructure improvements will strengthen economic development by helping attract new businesses and retaining thousands of jobs at existing businesses in rural communities,” said DRA Chairman Chris Caldwell. “This demonstrates DRA’s commitment to investing in infrastructure that is vital to promoting economic development and adding jobs in Tennessee.”

Summary of DRA’s statewide investments:

  • 5 Projects
  • DRA investments: $2,790,000
  • Total investments: $444,100,173
  • Jobs created: 1,868
  • Jobs retained: 1,520

“This nearly $3 million Delta Regional Authority grant means more good jobs for Tennesseans, and better roads and facilities to attract new companies to Tennessee and encourage our existing employers to expand,” said U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, (R-TN). “The DRA is funded next fiscal year in the Energy and Water Appropriations bill I wrote, and I look forward to DRA continuing its important work. I congratulate Governor Haslam on today’s news, which will help many families across our state.”

“For nearly 18 years, Delta Regional Authority and its partners have played a role in providing job opportunities for hardworking West Tennesseans,” said U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, (R-TN). “I applaud DRA and Governor Haslam for their commitment to strengthening our state’s infrastructure and am pleased this investment will bring new economic development to the Volunteer State.”

“DRA continues to be a great partner to the State of Tennessee,” said Bob Rolfe, commission of the Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development. “The nearly $3 million investment from DRA will help infrastructure across the state, which in turn will create more economic growth across Tennessee. I appreciate DRA’s continued investment in our state and look forward to continuing our partnership.”

Tennessee’s congressional delegation issued the following statements:

“I thank the DRA for their extraordinary dedication to unlocking the economic potential of our rural Tennessee communities,” said U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, (TN-07). “Having recently visited the Henderson County manufacturing facility that was awarded DRA funding, I was able to see first-hand how these investments are stimulating new jobs and opportunities in West Tennessee. With a top-notch workforce, business-friendly environment, and outstanding local leadership, these communities provide ideal settings for investments in high quality infrastructure and jobs. This will enable business owners and entrepreneurs to do what they do best – create jobs, innovate, and bring prosperity to Tennessee families and communities.”

“These investments in infrastructure are crucial to West Tennessee’s economy and will undoubtedly have significant statewide impacts,” said U.S. Rep. David Kustoff, (TN-08). “Thank you to Governor Haslam and the Delta Regional Authority for your steadfast commitment to the advancement of industry in Tennessee. When we invest in our infrastructure, we are prioritizing our future.”

Four of the investments are made through DRA’s States' Economic Development Assistance Program (SEDAP), the agency's main federal funding program that invests in basic public infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, workforce development, and small business and entrepreneurship projects. Two other investments are supported through DRA’s Community Infrastructure Fund (CIF).

Tennessee economic development projects:

  • CITY OF SAVANNAH: Existing Business Expansion. DRA Investment: $1 million. Total Investment: $14.6 million.
    The Savannah Industrial Development Corporation will use DRA funding to build new parking and truck transportation areas to support a 350,000-squart-foot manufacturing facility at 255 Old Morris Chapel Road, just east of Adamsville in Hardin County. DRA funding also will be used for new water, gas and electrical connections to the 58-acre site. The sign manufacturing company will create 75 new jobs and retain 160 workers. The project is supported through DRA’s CIF program.
  • CITY OF MARTIN: Existing Business Expansion: DRA Investment: $850,000. Total Investment: $10.8 million.
    The city will use DRA funding for road improvements and to build a truck staging area to support increased truck traffic that will result from a manufacturing business adding a new product line. The mower/tractor manufacturing business, which now has 820 full-time employees and 300 part-time workers, will add 200 new jobs with the expansion. Road improvements will support the business expansion as well as create greater efficiencies for other manufacturers located in Martin Industrial Park. The business expansion is supported through DRA’s CIF program.
  • CITY OF HUMBOLDT: New Business: DRA Investment: $500,000. Total Investment: $390.5 million.
    The City of Humboldt will use DRA funds to build a new wastewater treatment plant within the Gibson County Industrial Park to support a new chicken processing plant that will create 1,400 jobs. The treatment plant will utilize state-of-the-art technology that will ensure efficiencies and accommodate additional business growth in the industrial park.
  • CITY OF LEXINGTON: Existing Business Expansion. DRA Investment: $300,000. Total Investment: $20.9 million.
    The Lexington Industrial Development Board will use DRA funding to upgrade a manufacturing facility in Henderson County. Upgrades will include infrastructure improvements such as new electrical equipment and enhancements to the shipping bay. The electric motor manufacturing business now employs 240 workers and will create 150 new jobs from a labor pool in Henderson, Madison, Decatur and Chester counties. The company will add new processes and product lines for sheet metal manufacturing, coil-winding and the insourcing of additional component parts.
  • CITY OF McKENZIE: New Manufacturing Business. DRA Investment: $140,000. Total Investment: $7.1 million.
    The McKenzie Industrial Development Board will use DRA funding to provide a new roof and to upgrade electrical, air conditioning and heating to support a new business locating in the Nestaway Building at 1373 Airport Road. About 43 new jobs will be created by an international, family-owned manufacturing business, which develops, imports, produces and sells ceramic flower pots and vases. The company selected McKenzie as the site for its first North American manufacturing facility. The Nestaway Building has been vacant for eight years.

About the Delta Regional Authority
The Delta Regional Authority is a federal-state partnership created by Congress in 2000 to help create jobs, build communities, and improve lives through strategic investments in economic development in 252 counties and parishes across eight states. DRA has invested more than $185 million into more than 1,100 projects. Overall, DRA investments have helped create and retain more than 55,000 jobs, train nearly 45,000 workers to advance in the 21st Century, and deliver sewer and water improvements to more than 238,000 residents and businesses. Learn more at

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