McKenzie Industrial Development is a 501(C)(6) nonprofit corporation that serves the citizens of McKenzie Carroll County. The Board was established in 1983, and its purpose is to further develop and diversify the McKenzie-Carroll County economy through sound, controlled industrial growth.


To make McKenzie the rural model for inclusive innovation and economic growth, coupled by the community’s assets and business infrastructure.


To create a vibrant, prosperous and growing McKenzie through extraordinary economic development.


MEDC is community-driven, reliable, professional, and resourceful. We value collaborative, sustainable and educational solutions.

  • Reliable – We embrace the highest standards of excellence. We will be transparent and credible, ensuring the public’s trust.
  • Professional – We are committed to the principles of truth and honesty, and we will be equitable and ethical, approaching all situations with integrity.
  • Resourceful – We are dedicated to the efficient and effective use of resources, and we are accountable for our actions to those we serve.
  • Collaborative – We believe that the greatest good is accomplished through partnerships and inclusive relationships and ideas. We embrace diversity and empower others to be engaged and committed.
  • Sustainability – We believe that all work must focus on long term viability, embracing the stewardship of our resources and continuous improvement.
  • Educational – We integrate our knowledge into collaborative partnerships with our institutions to cultivate skilled workforce and develop future leaders of the community.